From novices to seasoned test-takers, we have the score increases under our belts to leave you feeling calm, collected, and reassured throughout your tailored training. Better training means better scores. Our team of experts not only turns you into a student worthy of tutoring for this on your own, we pull back the curtain on the big picture too; coaching you through all of the rigors of this exam is paramount to land a top-tier test score on game-day.

12 [2hr.] Sessions

$ 150

Per Hour
  • initial diagnostic test
  • 12 customized homeworks
  • workbook and solutions

16 [2hr.] SessionsMost Popular

$ 135

Per Hour
  • 3 diagnostic tests
  • 16 customized homeworks
  • workbook and solutions
  • diagnostic consultation

20 [2hr.] Sessions

$ 120

Per Hour
  • 4 diagnostic test
  • 20 customized homeworks
  • workbook and solutions
  • 2 manager consultations

Kelly committed to Stanford for not only a great education, but to play football too! Thanks for your help early on establishing that awesome math foundation worthy of acceptance. 😉

-Susan Blake. Kelly's mom

Study Hut provides real value to our community, especially middle and upper school students. Study Hut tutored my son providing him with tools to master the college entrance exams. My son took advantage of Study Hut’s vast test preparation materials, specialized tutors and customized program which accommodated his long term plan and busy academic and extracurricular schedule. Ultimately, he approached college board exams with a plan, with confidence and with peace of mind. Without a doubt, the tricks, practice exams, review and support enabled my son to excel and achieve excellent scores. The hard work paid off!

-Denise Winner, Brandon's mom

Thanks so much for all of your help Josh( and Kristen too)! I guess this it for the Rosenfeld’s and Study Hut relationship. Our family has attended Study Hut over the past “8” years. Both of my kids worked with many of your knowledgeable/helpful tutors and Zack also took advantage of Rob’s awesome SAT program which substantially helped his score jump 360 points. Your group runs a phenomenal program. Thanks again.

Ariel Rosenfeld, mother of Jessie, Jessica, Zack
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