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1-on-1 Tailored Honors/AP Tutoring, SAT/ACT Test Prep Packages (free practice tests), College Counseling Packages, and GRE/GMAT/LSAT/MCAT Test Prep Packages. 

We’re Study Hut Consulting, Fresh outta’ college, with experience-

2020-2021 update: Come check out our Study Hut [Outside] set-up!  Our Study Hut outdoor consulting “cafe” allows us to provide our 1-on-1 services in-person during this tender time.  Online sessions are still available.  We abide by all State and Local Health Requirements. 

Located across the street from Mira Costa High School on Artesia Boulevard in the City of Hermosa Beach, Study Hut Consulting boasts a staff well versed in Honors and Advanced Placement subjects.  Much more than tutors, our Study Hut Consultants bring to bear their experiences in higher education and practice during each hour of work.  Our seasoned test prep experts specialize by graduate level admissions test.  Many other tutors actually end up as students at Study Hut Consulting as they prepare for Grad School with GRE/GMAT/LSAT/MCAT test prep.  

The Study Hut Consulting environment allows for each Study Hut Consultant to have his/her own office.  As the content level rises, so does the corresponding level of focus and surrounding quiet noise level requirements.  When you’re reading a timed reading passage, you’ll be able to hear that pin drop.  

 Why Study Hut Consulting:

Convenience and expertise.  Students walk from school directly to our office.  Do you work up an appetite when you study?  There are many options to satiate any appetite.  Our environment calms nerves: lots of tropical fauna and bright crisp amber colored lighting are easy on the eyes and the mind. 

But it’s our staff that gets the nod.  Top performers in their fields of study, and loaded with experience, our team has tutored throughout their own education.  Each expert will tell you “I helped my brothers/friends/peers in each of my classes over the last 10 years.”  Strong students that become tutors are simply outmatched compared with the gurus on our squad.  

-During Your SAT Prep Tutoring Hour-

While we tailor to each student, we often double down on one or more of the following areas during each hour of work:  

  • Recap the big picture
  • Establish a list of what we need to do both during the hour, later today, and until next session.
  • Step-by-step instruction (you show your tutor how to do the problems after we show YOU how)
  • Practice quizzing: know how you’ll do BEFORE the test

-Accountability & Feedback-

Staying Accountable with high quality work and practice questions is a big part of how Study Hut students make gargantuan gains on the real test.  Once a month, you will take a practice test and go over the results.  This is to ensure that you’re tracking throughout your SAT Prep.  

Feedback: we share detailed session notes with families and we include an in-person halfway check-up.  This means we can address weaknesses bit-by-bit and prevent you blowing up and/or burning out.  Our approach helps students foster growth from one week ultimately leading to big score improvements on test day.  

Call now to schedule your first practice test. The earlier you start, the less stress you’ll face. 

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