On Hawthorne Blvd near PVPHS

28041 Hawthorne Blvd
RPV, CA 90274
(310) 750-9777

Located above the 7-eleven just a mile from Peninsula High School, this tucked-away location has superior tutors as well as superior views!  

Why Study Hut Consulting?

Convenience and expertise:  students walk across the street from school directly to our office.  The Study Hut Consulting environment allows for each Study Hut Consultant to have his/her own office.  As the content level rises, so does the corresponding level of focus and surrounding quiet noise level requirements.  When you’re reading a timed reading passage, you’ll be able to hear a pin drop.

Really interactive and engaging! The right amount of [Test Prep] homework kept me sharp as I moved through the material. I liked how the book explained each problem step-by-step.

Kayla E.Senior, MCHS, +9 pts on ACT

The Hut is great because I know it's a place just for work, where I can have all the support I need, on a schedule that works for me. Everyone is super 'on-it' and they know exactly how to help.

Gabby P.Senior, MCHS

Our Environment Calms Nerves

Lots of tropical fauna and bright crisp amber colored lighting are easy on the eyes and the mind.

Our Staff Rocks

Our Director, assistant managers, and Consulting staff are welcoming, helpful, and persistent in their passion for working with students.

Convenient Location

Located across the street from Mira Costa High School on Artesia Boulevard.  We are open Monday through Friday and Weekends by appointment only.

Our most experienced staff, all under one thatched roof

Study Hut Consulting is cool and convenient, but it’s our staff that gets the nod

Top performers in their fields of study, and loaded with experience, our team has tutored throughout their own education.  Each Study Hut Consulting expert will tell you “I helped my brothers/friends/peers in each of my classes over the last X years.”  Strong students that become tutors are simply outmatched compared with the gurus on our squad.  We fancy ourselves as the best of the best and we believed we’ve earned that title.  

During Your Tutoring Hour

While we tailor to each student, we often double down on one or more of the following areas during each hour of work

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When equipped with a larger understanding of how a concept or process applies, students are able to comprehend and retain relevant details and apply them on test day.


Establish a list of what we need to do both during the hour, later today, and until next session.


Step-by-step instruction (you show your tutor how to do the problems after we show YOU how)


Practice quizzing: know how you’ll do BEFORE the test

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